Saturday, 19 September 2009

19. 09. 2009

It’s so incedibre how different are people reactions when we want to take a picture of them. They’re usually pleased about this, actually I think they’re always glad, cuz who won’t be if we tell them that they look great.
But sometimes they don’t agree to photograph them, because they are too embarrassed or shy- in the main it concern Pole (of course I don’t even write about people who are always late and they don’t have time for things like this). Typically we shoot girls, because it’s more women than man on whole world so there’s more well- dressed women. They’re mainly young because when older people hear that this photos will be in internet they’re changing they’re mind immediately. But it always so kindly to watch our ‘models’ smiling.

The greatest fun is when we talk to the foreigners. Severals days ago we meet fantastic Asian people who were very friendly. Properly I’m angry on myself that I didn’t ask them where they come from or how long they have been in Poland and do they like it. Well, maybe next time I won’t forget to ask.

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