Saturday, 5 September 2009

steady, ready, go!

When we were watching all of great fashion webs we decided to make one too. Manage the blog together can be really hard , but sometimes helps to make right decision. Anyway we both are very shy girls , so it should help us to become more confident.
People reactions are also very important for us. It's make us happy watching they smile when we tell them, that they look cool.
One more think- it's our first blog, so I'm asking you to be tolerant for us.
Well, I think that's all.
Oh, and please don't care about my mistakes in notes. Actually I think that it give me a bit of charm.

We love how well- matched is the couple from first photo. It was the first picture which we took, so you can imagine how we were excited. Second photo we took just because of this guy haircut. We also like the last girl in celeste jeans costume, and blue shoes.

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